Let’s make this day just a little more enjoyable, shall we?

You know how we can do it? With tweets! Funny tweets!

The kind of funny tweets that will put a big smile on your face.

These are for YOU, friends.

1. You’re about to be humiliated.


2. Those are your four options.

3. All day long in that office.

4. Just go away. Forever.


5. C’mon, corporate people at Sonic! That was funny!


6. This is a thing now?

7. What all do you have in there?

8. Are you done yet?

9. That’s pretty rough.


10. You’re pretty close…

11. That was intense.

12. Still cringing, all these years later.

13. Should be a beautiful day.


14. They totally blew it.

15. That’s just the way it goes.

Are you laughing? Well then, go back through the tweets again so you can laugh some more!