I love a good mullet. Always have, always will.

Why is it so satisfying to see this amazing haircut (also sometimes referred to as: Kentucky Waterfall, North Carolina Neckwarmer, or a Mississippi Mudflap) in the wild?

It’s just an unexplainable phenomenon, and you have to admire it. Period.

Enjoy these glorious photos.

1. Absolutely gorgeous.

2. Sideburns and mustache are on point, too.

3. This guy nailed it.

4. The “Viper” sunglasses really complete this look.

5. From the good old days.

6. Big fan of the racing life.

7. Black and white for the win.

8. In his natural environment.

9. This guy has his sh*t together.

10. Double fisting, winning at life.

11. I’m speechless.

12. A timeless style.

13. These colors don’t run!

14. This guy is feelin’ it.

15. The way of the mullet.

I know you gotta have some of your own awesome mullet photos…

Share them in the comments! Don’t let me down!