Because our pets are like our children, we try to capture as many moments as we can of their playful lives.

Buuuuuuut, it doesn’t always work out that way, does it? Sometimes the pics of our pets are just as unflattering as they are of us humans.

And here’s the proof…

1. That’s a good start.

2. Just look at that smile!

3. Vampire kitty cat.

4. Not pleased with the situation.

5. You call that unflattering?

6. What are you talking about?

7. Chowing down on some bday cake.

8. Not amused.

9. Can’t you at least fake a smile?

10. He kind of does…

11. Meet Beau. He’s very enthusiastic.

12. Say ‘cheese’ for the camera!

13. Can’t pick just one.

14. That is something else.

15. Blurry action shot.

Don’t let me down! I know you have a plethora of funny pet pics in your arsenal!

Let’s see them in the comments! Please and thank you!