Halloween is now a week in our rearview mirror and I, for one, am pretty sad about it.

After all, it’s the best holiday ever invented, right?

You bet you bottom I’m right.

So let’s all relive Halloween from this year with 50 funny tweets about that magical night that went viral.

1. This is epic.

2. I think she predicted correctly.

3. Could be either one.

4. It’s the best!

5. One word: Amazing.

6. WOW.

7. You’re helping out the kids.

8. Sounds like a nightmare.

9. Nooooooooooooo.

10. Not into it at all.

11. La La Land.

12. I like this idea.

13. Spice Girls for the win.

14. That is pretty awesome.

15. Frankie with the winner!

I already have October 31 circled on my calendar for next year!

Do you?!?!