Traveling by plane is obviously incredible in a purely mechanical way, and we shouldn’t complain about it at all, but you know we’re going to anyway!

When you’re flying through the air inside a metal tin at 35,000 feet with 150 strangers, there’s a pretty good chance that someone is going to get on your nerves. And sometimes, you just have funny experiences on those flights.

Enjoy these funny tweets about flying, and I’ll see you at the back of the plane in the basic economy section.

1. She was very surprised.

2. Gee, thanks a lot.

3. Sounds pretty fishy to me.

4. Thank you, sir!

5. I don’t think that’s why they’re looking at you…

6. But I want it…

7. Creep alert!

8. At least he (kind of) laughed about it.

9. Needed the calculator for that one.

10. She had to do it.

11. Very specific tastes.

12. Snakes on a plane.

13. Should be a quiet flight.

14. Like a stink bomb.

15. Let’s watch it together!

Do you have any good/hilarious/ridiculous plane stories?

Share them in the comments so we can all have a laugh together!