Adam Sandler has been a celebrity for so long that his face is etched into our brains. But it turns out there are a whole lot of people out there who look eerily similar to the movie star known for his roles in Billy MadisonHappy Gilmore, and many other films.

Sandler has so many look-alikes, in fact, that there’s a Facebook page called “People who sort of look like Adam Sandler but aren’t Adam Sandler” dedicated to this strange phenomenon.

Let’s take a look.

1. See what I’m talking about?

2. Is that a former SNL cast member?

3. That is spot-on.

4. This might actually be him.

5. No way, dude…

6. Not sure about this one…

7. Who is this fella?

8. Dabba doo! Dabba doo!

9. A real imposter.

10. Okay, that is uncanny.

Pretty weird, right? Do you have any friends/associates who look like this Hollywood star?

If so, share them with us!