It’s time for another installment of hilarious tweets from moms and dads out there about the craziness of raising kids!

Because, as you know, there are never-ending stories of hilarious mishaps and insanity when you’re raising those little monsters!

Here are 15 more parenting tweets that you’ll love.

1. Not today…

2. Lucky you.

3. It’s your fault!

4. I don’t want to miss anything.

5. Could go either way.

6. You are a LIAR.

7. Mommy’s little angel.

8. What gives you that idea?

9. Not quite what you imagined…

10. You might be immune.

11. Just about sums it up.

12. That’s it right there.

13. It’s too early for this.

14. Split personality.

15. You made it!

Those are hilarious. And if you’re a parent, they probably gave you a bit of a headache!

Okay, moms and dads, let’s hear it…

In the comments, tell us the craziest/funniest/most ridiculous things your kids have done lately!