15 Funny Tweets About Social Media Fails



Navigating the tricky world of social media can be like walking through a field full of landmines. One false move and BOOM, you feel like a total moron and you have to hang your head in shame.

Take a look at these social media fails and say a prayer for these poor souls…

1. Uh oh…

2. Trying not to be a dick.

3. Were you…drunk?

4. I’ve often wondered this, too.

5. The day after…

6. Definitely changes the meaning.

7. Whoo, that was close!

8. Can I have that back, please?

9. Happy Buttday!

10. That’s really bad.

11. You did it!

12. You blew it!

13. Time flies…

14. I really miss you…

15. Nobody saw that, right?

Have you ever totally blown it on social media and felt totally embarrassed?

If so, share your story (or stories) with us in the comments!