15 Funny Tweets About Cats and Cat People



You probably have people in your life who you consider “cat people.” Folks who are obsessed with their kitties – who, quite frankly, probably like cats waaaaaay more than they like human beings.

Hey, it’s cool. We’re not here to judge…

It’s time to meet some people who definitely have some very strong feelings toward kitties…

1. Blown away.

2. Adorable.

3. And here we have some pasta…

4. Let’s never be apart…

5. Vibing.

6. Hahahaha.

7. Split personality.

8. This is great.

9. Seems to be having a good time.

10. Having a party.

11. Cat in storage.

12. You did the right thing.

13. He’s faking it…

14. Only the best for you.

15. This is great!

What about you?

Can you be considered a “cat person”?

Either way, share some pics of your furry feline friends in the comments, please. We need some new friends!