Sometimes when I see a tip jar at a business, I ask myself why should I put a buck or two in there. I’m not talking about a bar or a coffee shop – those I totally get. It just seems like everywhere has a tip jar on the counter now.

But I am willing to consider it if the tip jar is humorous enough to give me a chuckle.

And these jars do the trick!

1. It’s great! For us…

2. He really needs one, guys…

3. Which side are you on?

4. To learn the dark arts.

5. A very important cause.

6. No one wants that.

7. Pretty clever.

8. Anything for Lionel.

9. Money for booze. At least they’re honest.

10. Borderline inappropriate.

11. The weekend drinking fund.

12. Definitely Bruce Lee.

13. See what they did there?

14. Let’s see where this goes.

15. Sign me up!

Do you have any funny examples of clever tip jars?

Share them with us in the comments!