15 Funny Thanksgiving Fails for You to Enjoy

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Ahhhhh, Thanksgiving is almost here. It’s a day to reflect, enjoy time with family…and sometimes to FAIL.

But it’s okay! Your relatives probably know what they’re getting into, right?

Let’s enjoy these Thanksgiving fails…and give a little thanks that they didn’t happen to us.

1. Gee, thanks a lot.

Last year my brother had to work on Thanksgiving. He asked me to save him a little bit of everything from funny

2. That looks a little…off…

Cut a lemon in half and place it under turkey skin to lighten the mood this Thanksgiving from funny

3. Nice leather jacket!

4. That kid is OVER IT.

Thanksgiving dinner. from funny

5. Might not cook evenly…

6. Seems a little steep.

Thanksgiving is cancelled. from funny

7. Yikes. No thanks.

A beautiful cake for Thanksgiving from funny

8. Get the fire extinguisher.

9. Left it in a little too long.

10. Cornbread FAIL.

11. This is awful.

12. Went ahead and burned the book.

My wife tried cooking Thanksgiving dinner for us and actually burned the cook book. from funny

13. Oh…no no no.

Thanksgiving fail from funny

How are you celebrating Thanksgiving this year?

Do you anticipate any major fails? Tell us about all of it in the comments!