Funny Tweets for People Who Are Really Glad That Halloween Is Over

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Some people love it, some people HATE it.

(I can’t understand people in the latter category, but to each their own.)

I’m talking about Halloween. Which, in my humble opinion, is the greatest holiday ever invented.

But, like I said, some people don’t feel the same way that I do.

And the people behind these tweets are very happy that Halloween is over…until next year.

1. You’re over it?

2. There’s a lot of them out there.

3. “They’re so different.”

4. They’re gonna love it.

5. Sounds like a plan!

6. Don’t stress yourself out.

7. That’s how it works.

8. Can we put an end to this?

9. Blew it. Again.

10. You nailed it!

11. The whole month of October.

12. Probably shouldn’t wear that.

13. Stand strong.

14. This is not gonna do the trick.

How do you feel about Halloween? Are you on my team or are you with THE ENEMY?

Let us know in the comments!