We all need some funny randomness in our lives sometimes, and today is no exception.

These tweets are a real hoot, as you will shortly see.

So get ready to laugh, and remember, share these with your gals and pals!

1. Very different sisters.

2. Learnin’ that TikTok.

3. It was only the ice maker.

4. Two sides of the coin.

5. It was survival of the fittest.

6. That is something else.

7. Still in love!

8. She didn’t seem very phased by it.

9. Time for a new job.

10. Shot down!

11. Here comes the sh*t storm.

12. I don’t know what I’m doing.

13. Totally over it.

14. Poor little fella.

15. Might need a wardrobe change.

Ahhhh, those tickled my funny bone and did the trick.

Share some funny jokes or tweets with us in the comments. Let’s see what you got!