Cats are funny little critters, aren’t they? And they’re typically really photogenic. You can get lost down a rabbit hole of cat photos if you aren’t careful.

These cats are definitely photogenic as well, but they also could stand to drop a few pounds because they all have pretty big double chins.

Which is hilarious! Take a look.

1. Begging for food, most likely?

2. Extreme close up.

3. Takin’ a snooze.

4. Let’s get a closer look.

5. A side profile of two chins.

6. Not a fan of the camera.

7. Contemplating this crazy life.

8. On fleek, for sure.

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Double chin #onfleek

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9. This looks comfortable.

10. Down for the count.

11. Be proud of it!

12. Staring food, no doubt.

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What do you think of my double chin? ?

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13. He’s smiling at you!

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#Smiley #Snowburt #catsofinstagram #doublechincat

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14. Large and in charge.

15. The bomb dot com.

These cats need to hit the treadmill.

Do you have a cat that could probably stand to lose some weight? Share a pic in the comments!