Is there anything funnier (or cuter) than seeing a pooch sneeze their little heart out? The answer is NO!

It’s totally adorable.

Check out these videos and photos of good boys and girls getting their sneeze on!

1. That is amazing.

2. This is what happens when you put your face directly into the plants.

3. A long build-up.

4. How on Earth did she figure this out?

5. Here comes a sneeze attack.

6. Get that dog a Claritin.

7. Don’t take your eyes off the burger.

8. Captured in the middle of it.

9. God bless you!

10. Now you can go back to sleep.

11. Extreme close-up.

12. Get rid of the bad feelings.

13. All dressed up and sneezing his life away.

14. A three-part series.

15. And we have a winner!

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I know a bunch of you out there must have photos and videos like this.

Post them in the comments!