Ahhhh, there’s nothing like a good insult, is there? Especially when you’re the one dishing it out.

But sometimes you can appreciate the burn of a good one even when it’s happening to you. If it’s good enough, at least.

Either way, these 15 insults check off all the boxes.

Nice work, insulters!

1. Hahahaha. Zing!

2. I think they were right…

Shoutout to the 13-year-old on a skateboard who called me a “candy corn bitch” from funny

3. Wash your hands, people.


4. Violent and cartoon-y.


5. Ouch. That one hurts.

A dick curling insult from rareinsults

6. Mr. Lacrosse in the house.

Found this on YouTube earlier, he makes a good point from rareinsults

7. That is not cool.


8. This person is obviously an intellectual.


9. That’s what brothers are for.

10. Poor little lizard got roasted.


11. That is very good.

12. What about the eyebrows?


13. It was a different time…

Oh YouTube, never change. from rareinsults

14. You think that hurts my feelings?


15. Read ’em and weep.


Need some cream for that burn?

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