Twitter has an endless supply of funny tweets constantly coming from funny folks all over the world.

That’s why we like to bring you compilations of funniness quite often. Because it never stops!

But that’s a good thing! Enjoy.

1. Let that sink in…

2. Get on up there.

3. Seriously, dads…

4. I think he already won Halloween.

5. Run for your life.

6. Bad from the start.

7. The eye of the storm.

8. Both are totally off.

9. Oh, now I see it.

10. Damn, now what?

11. There’s a formula to it.

12. All the time.

13. He was killin’ it.

14. It’s never happened. Ever.

15. Such a classic move.

Did we miss any hilarious tweets this week that you think are worthy of inclusion?

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