Halloween’s almost here, and you know what that means…horror movies for the whole month of October! I’m talking about on TV and maybe even at your local theater (if they’re cool).

I personally can’t wait for 31 days of horror.

Even if you’re not a horror movie lover, you’ll probably think these tweets are on-point.

1. There is ALWAYS a scene like that.

2. Do a little dance.

3. That kid always gets it.

4. Oh no, not Chucky!

5. Maybe he just needs a good talk.

6. He’s slowing down.

7. Kinda blew it…

8. That’s what I need, too.

9. That is quite sad.

10. That way!

11. Don’t believe them.

12. He might be in big trouble.

13. On second thought…

14. No more of that.

15. Managed to ruin that one…

What are some of your favorite scary flicks?!?!

Share them with us in the comments.