15 Fierce Dads From The “Fashion Dads” Instagram Account

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When you become a father, you might as well be given a uniform. For some reason, having children causes all males of a certain age to begin dressing the same. For example, the Standard Summertime Dad Uniform: white New Balance sneakers, calf-high socks, cargo pants/jorts, a t-shirt obtained on a vacation to a Disney park, a fanny pack, and a visor.

There are variations, of course, but there’s something about the way dads dress that makes them instantly recognizable as fathers. And luckily for us, someone made an Instagram account about it. The folks over at @fashiondads have been chronicling dads at their most fierce. Here are 15 fathers who are ready to hit the runway, even if the runway isn’t quite ready for them.


1. Who wears short jorts? Dad wears short jorts.

2. “Paint me like one of your French Dads.”

3. ‘Sup, girl.

4. “Don’t hate us ’cause you ain’t us.”

5. Anyone wanna join the Mile High Club?


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So your bags are packed and you’re ready to head out of town. ??But with airports turning into fashion runways of sorts for celebrities and models, raising the bar on the beauty and glamour quotient is a must!! Now you don’t have to be rich to put your fashion foot forward, you can look like a million bucks with a few basic tips. The ? is to keep it simple, yet still turn heads. Today I went with a classic smokey grey #Champs long-sleeve tee paired with light blue #Carhartt denim jeans. I always prefer wearing #Tevas with a white crew sock underneath. I don’t know about you guys but when my tootsies get cold ?❄️ it’s all downhill from there ??. And last but not least, the REAL head turner ??… suitcase ?!! You can use this #SelfieWrap to show off another outfit while strolling through the terminal!! #UltimateSelfieSwag #StepOff #ConfidenceLevel? #ItTakesTwo? #DoubleFeature #TryAndStealMyLuggage ? #DareYou ??#PullingAPrince ? #AirportFashion ✈️ #JetSetStyle #CasualChic #TrendyButTimeless #MyBuddy #CarryOnChampion ? #LuxuryLuggage #FashionDads @thegingerjew_

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6. He’ll mow more than your lawn.


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YAAASSS #StPatricksDay is one of my favorite fashion holidays because it’s all about COLOR! ??? This is the perfect occasion to mix and match various green shades and really get bold and creative with it! Today I’m doing yard work in a classic pair of army green #CargoShorts from #FadedGloryCouture paired with a lime green #Nautica collared shirt with custom ventilation hole (it gets hot out here, y’all!). And I have to say, the #Ferragamo suspenders really pull everything together. ?? As for footwear, these are vintage #DunlopVolleys from Down Under; and I always wear a chic ball cap for sun protection and my AM radio headset to keep up with the latest news and celeb gossip! Enjoy this special day, everyone! ? #OOTD #GetMyLook #StPaddysSwag #HolidayStyle #AllGreenEverything #CargoCouture #FootwearOnFleek #OutdoorLooks #Yardwerkin #SkinnyArmStrong #FashionDads via @jodielah

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7. Beach ready.

8. “You call me L.L.L.L Bean.” It stands for “Ladies Love L.L. Bean.”

9. Safety is sexy.

10. Do those pleats go all the way up?

11. Plaid to meet you.

12. Showing a little leg…and nothing else.

13. A Croc for all seasons.


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Today’s outfit is all about neutral colors, head to toe! While grilling on this beautiful Tuesday evening, I had to wear something warm but also chic to entertain my guests. I started with a throwback leather #BomberHat from #WilsonsLeather, inspired by Uncle Eddie. I Love this #Target waffle knit flannel shirt, which is cozy and functional for grilling, paired with a black #SwishyPant with grey accents! Some people might question my choice of #CrocsWithSocks, but I say to you: #HatersGonnaHate ? #GrillStyle #Hot ? #AllUpInMyGrill #OOTD #SnowmageddonStyle #WinterWear ❄️ #FashionBlogger #CrocCouture #ChickenChic ? #StellaAndDotNecklace #GrillMaster #Timex #Stopwatch #FashionDads via @gennyvmarie

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14. On-theme, and comfortable.


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Here is the 2nd installment of the highly anticipated Airport Fashion Blog! On my #redeye to #DisneyWorld I knew I would be getting right off the plane and heading to the #MagicKingdom. For that reason I chose to wear something chic and comfortable. To start this ensemble I threw on a two tone dry-fit #Champion cut-off matched with my personal favorite #Disney character #MinnieMouse compression leggings by #Kmart. I always like to finish it off with a comfortable pair of metallic #Nike running shoes ?. Now you’re ready to hit the parks in style! ? Happy Thursday!! #DisneyDiva ? #AllDryFitEverything #AirplaneChic #OverheadBinStyle #FashionBlogger #FashionIsLife #FirstClassFlow #Southwest ✈️ #OrlandoStyle #FloridaVibes #ParkPass #ExtraMagicalHours #IDontSweatISparkle ? #FashionDads via @elainmarie

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15. Golf couture.



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