As adults, most of us can remember a moment in our childhoods that shaped who we are today. For example, one time my dad’s car got stuck in the snow and he had to leave my sister and I behind to get help. I was cold, but my sister was colder, and so I gave her my jacket. Even today, I can’t be comfortable if I know someone else is uncomfortable.

Or here’s another example. In middle school, we took a Greyhound to Toronto. As we were about to leave, I had to go to the bathroom. I could have gone at school, but I decided to wait ’til I got on the bus. To my horror, the bathroom was out of service, and I soiled myself in front of all my classmates. And that’s why I never trust bathrooms on public transportation. Both of these moments were equally formative in making me who I am today.

Recently, Twitter user @chrelisem asked her followers to share their own stories about formative experiences. She kicked things off with an example of her own:

Her followers replied with a number of stories of their own, and here are 15 of the most interesting. And be sure to tell us about your own formative experiences in the comments! (via Bored Panda.)


1. They always do the right thing. Even when it’s completely unnecessary.

2. This “Christmas” conspiracy could go all the way to the top!

3. Amelia Bedelia: the early years.

4. When she gets a new hobby, she goes all in.

5. She never gives up, and never listens to the haters.

6. The squeaky wheel gets the promotion.

7. She’s a fabulist. Which is a fancy word for “liar.”

8. She’s either an entrepreneur, or a shakedown artist.

9. He never suffers fools gladly. Even in preschool.

10. She’s a competitor.

11. She’s got a sick sense of humor. And that’s wonderful!

12. Sometimes you just need a change of scenery.

13. She’s not afraid of the truth. Nor is she afraid of sharing it.

14. A future mortician, or horror novelist.

15. He’s never afraid to ask for help.

h/t: Bored Panda