Every neighborhood has one: the household that goes all-out with the holiday decorations. While most of us are content to toss up a few spider webs and maybe a plastic skeleton, these people turn their homes into the house from The Addams Family.

If you’re like me, seeing these houses makes you feel both impressed and a little jealous. Because these folks clearly have way more Halloween spirit than you or I ever will.

Here are 15 folks putting the rest of the neighborhood to shame. (via Bored Panda)


1. A full-size Michael Myers house.

Photo Credit: Alex Sanchez

Start working on yours now and it’ll be ready by Halloween 2019!

2. Ghoul greeters

Photo Credit: Flickr

Everyone will remember your house.

3. A Walking Dead-inspired pun.

Photo Credit: Reddit

Just don’t ask how he got all those walkers. (OK, you can ask. He stole them from a shuffleboard tournament.)

4. The Jack-o-lantern to beat all other Jack-o-lanterns.

Photo Credit: Flickr


5. RIP to the year’s trends.

Photo Credit: Reddit

Are you a former class clown? Show everyone you still got it. (Please don’t, though.)

6. Approximately one billion Jack-o-lanterns.

Photo Credit: Reddit

Pumpkins are now officially extinct.

7. Jacked-o-lantern

Photo Credit: Reddit

Don’t skip leg day.

8. UFO Crash

Photo Credit: Bored Panda

If you’re not ripping up your own lawn and tanking your property value, are you really even trying?

9. More than meets the eye.

Photo Credit: Reddit

“Let’s see if those damn teenagers TP my house THIS year!”

10. The lady who Pennywised the sewer in front of her house.

Photo Credit: Reddit

Everything floats down here, Georgie.

11. Jack-o-carnage

Photo Credit: Reddit

It was a total seed-bath.

12. Just a pallet, a red light, and some fake hands.

Photo Credit: Bored Panda

This is also a great way to make use of that sinkhole that just opened up in your yard.

13. A legit haunted house.

Photo Credit: Reddit

They did the Monster Mash! (Also, someone left a massive one in the upstairs toilet.)

14. Spider web

Photo Credit: Reddit

Those aren’t dummies. Those are two high schoolers who stopped by for candy, then tried to change their costumes and come back for more.

15. And that’s how you win Halloween.

Photo Credit: Christine McConnell

Go home, everyone else.



h/t: Bored Panda