Humans have been domesticating dogs for anywhere from 15,000 to 40,000 years. For most of this time, we’ve domesticated dogs specifically so they could do jobs for us. Dogs have been used for pest control, hunting, shepherding, tracking, and most of all, protection. A barking dog was pretty much the Paleolithic Era’s version of a home security system.

Dogs still have jobs today, but by far the most common reason modern people get them is companionship. Which is understandable, since dogs are literally perfect. As a result, though, most dogs today are much gentler and goofier than the guard dogs that came before them.

So, when you put one of these fuzzy goobers in front of a classic “Beware of Dog” sign, it’s comedy gold. Here are 15 very good boys and girls who deserve all the head scratches, and certainly wouldn’t attack anyone no matter what a sign says.



1. If that’s what he does to his own sign, imagine what he’ll do to you.

Photo Credit: Imgur

2. Don’t let the smile fool you.

Photo Credit: erikabree90

3. When an attack dog lies on her resume.

Photo Credit: charlie_the_mini_pom

4. He’s 3.5 lbs of unrelenting fury.

Photo Credit: superchucho1982

5. The bane of slippers everywhere.

Photo Credit: Reddit

6. Please. He’ll attack you with kisses, at best.

Photo Credit: Reddit

7. His one weakness? Belly scratches.

Photo Credit: Bored Panda

8. What dog? I only see a small horse.

Photo Credit: analise.donovan

9. This fella’s got great PR.

Photo Credit: Reddit

10. “I am always vigilant. Nothing will distract me from–OOH BUTTERFLY!!!!”

Photo Credit: Imgur

11. “You’re lucky there’s a fence between us, bro.”

Photo Credit: Reddit

12. Even the sign isn’t trying to be scary.

Photo Credit: frauhint

13. That shirt is made from the skins of her enemies.

Photo Credit: izzy_and_layla

14. No ankle is safe.

Photo Credit: mokahuahua

15. The only “boxing” this Boxer has done was when he got his head stuck inside a cereal box.

Photo Credit: Imgur



h/t: Bored Panda