If you don’t watch Game of Thrones, you might have noticed that everyone in your office was really sad Monday morning. That’s because, after eight years, 71 episodes, countless back-stabbings, and more romantic familial relationships than any other TV show, HBO’s epic fantasy series has come to an end.

Your coworkers might be sad that their favorite show is over, but they’re more likely sad because Game of Thrones didn’t end the way they thought it should. When any massively successful TV show ends, it’s bound to leave some of its fans disappointed. But GoT managed the rare feat of angering just about every fan it ever had. Maybe you heard about the online petition to force HBO to remake the final series? It just passed 1 million signatures.

If you missed Game of Thrones, you’re probably feeling smart right now. But if you’re among the million of fans who didn’t like how it all ended, we’ve got some memes about the final episode. All the sloppy writing, hamfisted themes, bizarre characterization, confusing plotting, and frustrated expectations, (plus all the delightful moments) are right here to be made fun of.

Losing a favorite TV show hurts, and it’s OK to take time to grieve before moving on to a whole new show to hate.

Also, if you haven’t seen the finale, and you’re still planning on watching it, AND you’ve somehow avoided spoilers already, well, this article is full of spoilers.

1. A good compromise, and a good TV series finale, leaves everyone angry.

2. When the weirdest and least essential character ends up on the throne.

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3. Seriously, did ANYONE like seeing Bran end up king?

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4. Some moments just didn’t make sense.

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5. Brienne’s still salty about Jaime. So are we.

6. Let’s hear it for the Master of Grammar.

7. The one and only person who was happy about J0n’s ending.

8. Not all king names are created equal.

9. Never let a dude get in the way of your career.

10. Expectations vs. reality.

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11. Got milk?

12. Most shocking twist, Daenerys becomes evil, or Jon becomes boring?

13. HBO: not even worth using your ex’s password for any more.

14. Are all these huge pop culture franchises really so different?

15. And let’s not forget the show’s biggest villain: its own writers.

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