Ouch. Can anyone take the time to explain to me what exactly is going on here? Because the designers behind these projects clearly didn’t think it through, right?

Take a look for yourself and you can be the judge.

I’m warning you in advance, this won’t be pretty.

1. What happened here?

This high-end rug that appears to have been pooped on
byu/0xford_llama inCrappyDesign

2. Wow. That’s pretty extreme.

Of course 9/11 is the best thing about New York.
byu/Ouvolo inCrappyDesign

3. Not very useful when it rains.

This bus stop in malaysia
by inCrappyDesign

4. Which way are you headed?

This Nonsensical Sidewalk Design
byu/texturedpolygon inCrappyDesign

5. It goes on and on and on…

Great! I can watcu myself poop in 500 different dimensions
by inCrappyDesign

6. I see a lot of stubbed toes in the future.

My feet hurt just looking at this
byu/bobmarno inCrappyDesign

7. I can see you!

These restroom stalls have translucent doors…
byu/hi_fbi inCrappyDesign

8. Donate to help end children.

Finally, a cause worth contributing towards
byu/Gummie inCrappyDesign

9. Just like SpiderMan.

These shoes with suction cups on the bottom that pop when I walk on smooth surfaces.
byu/pateOrade inCrappyDesign

10. It’s called art, okay?

Ah thats what i want mytoilet to look like. Like someone peed all over it
byu/dawidoxus inCrappyDesign

11. Who allowed this to happen?

This is not a crime scene, but an hospital hallway…
byu/CptDobey inCrappyDesign

12. A really bad idea.

Imagine being drunk
byu/M3strefi inCrappyDesign

13. Like a violent crime scene.

Rose uh ?
byu/Fauconwill inCrappyDesign

14. An interesting choice…

“Make the athlete look like she’s in motion”
byu/kronograf inCrappyDesign

15. Should’ve just made that a regular sweatshirt.

Hood on vs. hood off
byu/m_delacour inCrappyDesign

Yikes…those are pretty rough.

Let’s see some of your own awful design fails in the comments!