15 Tweets About ‘Ghosting’ to Get You into the Halloween Spirit



Halloween is almost here, so you know there’s gonna be a lot of talk about “ghosting.”

You know about ghosting, right?

It’s when someone gets blown off by a person they’re dating with no explanation or reason whatsoever. You’ve probably been there at some point in your life.

And so have I…

Enjoy these spooky ghosting tweets, my friends!

1. I can accept that.

2. It never ends…

3. The real story comes out.

4. Get with the program.

5. Sounds like fun!

6. It didn’t even cost that much?

7. They’re no longer with us…

8. Spooky…and sad.

9. It’s me again!

10. You better believe it.

11. They’re out there somewhere…

12. Just had to do it.

13. I just forgot.

14. It’s kind of painful.

15. Can you blame her?

Been ghosted lately? Share your stories with us in the comments!