14 Wholesome Animal Posts That We Think Will Make Your Day


Whenever I’m having a particularly tough day, I like to sit on my back porch and just watch the animals run wild.

I have a pretty big backyard with a ton of HUGE trees and I see all kinds of animals back there: birds, raccoons, squirrels, etc. Heck, even the stray neighborhood cats like to use my backyard as a cut-through to their other rendezvous points in the neighborhood, so I get to see them doing their thing, as well.

For some reason, it just calms me down to watch animals walk around and go about their daily business. It’s kind of soothing, like watching the ocean.

If animals bring you a sense of peace as they do for me, I think you’ll enjoy these very wholesome animal photos.

1. Are you comfortable?

You sure look like it!

2. Let’s share a meal.

And we can be friends.

This little dude and I have had breakfast/lunch together everyday for the last 4 weeks, always bring him something to eat and he just sits next to me for my entire break at work. My dude. from AnimalsBeingBros

3. I’m back again!

I see that you’ve been busy…

Every year this mama duck brings her babies to my house and I help her take care of them. This morning I opened my door to 13 new peeping fluff balls. from aww

4. I bring you these gifts.

Crows are very smart animals.

A friend nursed an injured crow back to health after it got trapped in her French Quarter courtyard. These as some of the things the crow has been bringing her as apparent gifts. from AnimalsBeingBros

5. I love these two!

How adorable.

6. A great photobomb.

Make sure I get in there!

Cheeeese! from funny

7. Wow. That is crazy.

I wouldn’t want to venture into this area.

ALL THE BEARS (in a bear tree) from bears

8. Hello, there!

This guy looks very friendly.

9. A new friendship.

I brought you something!

10. That seal is psyched!

Making new pals!

The look on that seals face from pics

11. Awwww. BFFs.

He looks very cuddly.

Because it’s my cake day here’s my favorite picture of me with a snuggly capybara from aww

12. A very elegant cow.

All decked out.

13. I see you in there!

Hang out a while.

The reason the water wasn’t coming out from aww

14. Perfect timing.

A very cool action shot.

Will you do us a favor so we can keep this animal Love Fest going?

In the comments, share a photo of your pet (or pets) with us and tell us a little bit about them.

We’d love to meet them! Thanks in advance!