Is there anything that really lifts your spirits and gets you out of the dumps quite like a great animal photo?

The answer to that is a resounding NO WAY!

Animals bring a lot of joy into our lives, and I’m not only talking about the ones that we share our houses with. I’m referring to the wild ones we see outside our windows every day and the random dogs and cats we see on our daily walks.

It just makes you feel better to see an animal and, for me at least, it really warms my heart.

We think these animal photos will put a huge smile on your face.


1. Smile for the camera.

Very cute!

2. Where did you go?!?!

Oh, now I see you…

The way my chameleon hides on my military backpack from mildlyinteresting

3. How’d you get up there?

Be careful on your way down.

That’s a weird looking bird! from funny

4. Had an intense conversation.

Walking around in circles.

This pigeon’s path in the snow from mildlyinteresting

5. Will you be my wife.

Love in the wild.

My sister accidentally caught this Pikes Peak proposal on camera from funny

6. Make yourself at home.

On my head…

This little man made himself at home while I cleaned his enclosure. He didn’t want to let go when I was finished, I guess he enjoyed my warmth! from aww

7. Are you ready to hit the road?

Let’s go!

8. Is this thing even real?

Looks like a cartoon to me.

Fluffiest cow from aww

9. Pool party!

They’re having a great time.

10. Cuteness overload.

They sure look snuggly.

These two "students" startled me on campus, but then adopted this position to let me know they were sorry from aww

11. Be careful with this one.

I guess you have a new roommate.

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It’s gonna be a loooooong car ride….

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12. Just taking a break.

Looks cozy in there.

Hey! I’m volunteering in a bear refuge in Croatia and I thought like sharing this photo of a chillaxing lad with you guys. from aww

13. There you are!

Maybe he thinks that’s his family.

Let him wander around the house. Thought I lost him but he was next to the potatoes from aww

Now we want to hear from you!

In the comments, share some photos of your pets and introduce us to them.

We’d love to meet your furry friends!

Please and thank you!