If you’ve made a trip to the grocery store in the past week or so, you’ve seen the chaos. The aisles are packed, the shelves are empty, the people are losing it.

I was in the store the other day and a guy was seriously freaking out because the store was out of…wait for it…Manwich. That’s not a lie, I swear.

The point is that people are loading up on and hoarding weird stuff…and here’s more proof.

1. Whoa, slow down!

2. Don’t drink it all tonight.

3. Rice and TP party.

4. The guy loves his Sprite.

5. Cooking for the whole neighborhood.

6. He has Corn Flakes too, so he’s good.

7. Going his own way.

8. For the birds.

9. He’s gonna be VERY busy.

10. It’s high in antioxidants?

11. This is weird.

12. I respect this person.

13. One huge omelet, coming up!

14. And finally, this brave soul…

Okay, don’t lie to us, we know you’ve been hoarding something.

What is it?

Toilet paper? Hand sanitizer? Ranch dressing?

Tell us in the comments!