People Are Actually Getting “Pandumbic” Tattoos and They’re Hilariously Awful

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As with anything that captures the public’s attention, for some reason people have decided that getting tattoos dedicated to the coronavirus is a good idea. You know, kind of like the Baby Yoda drinking a White Claw tattoo that we saw a few months ago.

Let’s just not question anything anymore, okay?


1. A lot going on in this one.

2. Don’t forget your mask.

3. Not yet…

4. This is amazing.

5. Plain and simple.

6. Actually a pretty cool tattoo.

7. Mean little germ.

8. It’s the end of the world as we know it.

9. Don’t sneeze on me.

10. A solid entry.

11. It’s all in there.

12. Looks very ominous.

Hey, to each their own, I say…

Do you have any DUMB tattoos? Well, don’t be shy!

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