I know my answer to this one right off the bat: River Phoenix.

I was 15-years-old when Phoenix died and he was my favorite actor on the planet. He was brilliant in Stand By Me, Dogfight, Running on Empty, and other films.

When he died in 1993, I was devastated. Phoenix was only 23-years-old and it seemed incomprehensible to me that a person so young could be taken away like that.

This tweet got a lot of people talking about celebrity deaths that had an impact on them.

Here’s what folks on Twitter had to say.

1. Three solid ones.

All gone too soon.

2. The one and only.

He was a real trailblazer.

3. Two young men in their prime.

Very, very sad.

4. Bill Paxton was amazing.

He had so many great movie roles.

5. This one was awful.

A comedian for the ages.

6. A powerful voice.

Died very young.

7. A very young woman.

Gone way before her time.

8. Three very talented artists.

All with unique voices.

9. The Crocodile Hunter.

Definitely a tragedy.

10. John Ritter was great.

A very funny actor.

11. Two sports icons.

ESPN hasn’t been the same since…

12. You gotta have faith.

Great with Wham! and as a solo artist.

13. A very sad one.

He had a long career and life ahead of him.

14. A wonderful actor.

So many iconic roles.

What do you think?

What celebrity deaths were a huge punch in the gut to you?

Talk to us in the comments and let us know what you think.

Thanks in advance!