Isa Bredt is a Dutch artist who loves the old Disney style of illustration, even though she’s only 22-years-old.

She’s developed quite a following on Instagram (235,000 followers) because she perfectly captures the Disney spirit in the pet drawings she does for people.

Bredt calls her project “Pet Disneyfication” and the results are really fantastic!

Let’s take a look at her work.

Be sure to use the arrows on the posts below to you can see the Disneyfied pet and the real photos of these lovable animals!

1. Just look at that face!

How could you resist her?

2. I love the bow tie!

This ex-alley cat sure is handsome!

3. Snug as a bug…

You know the rest! Look at these two!

4. I can’t handle this one.

An adorable kitty with only one ear.

5. He’s way too cute!

Freakin’ Adorable with a capital A.

6. Crazy Eyes Olive!

Every animal is special in its own way.

7. A special little fella. 

Nothing will slow him down.

8. Vampire kitty for the win.

How cute is he?

9. He looks mean, but he’s a sweetheart.

Don’t let his face fool you.

10. She looks different, but that’s okay!

She’s just as sweet as can be!

11. A cute lil’ puppy.

This one is great.

12. Double trouble right here!

These two are really something else!

13. This cat looks magnificent.

Almost looks like an optical illusion.

I love her work! It’s so spot-on!

Have you ever had a painting or some kind of artwork made of your pets?

If so, please share them with us in the comments.

We can’t wait to hear from you!