Fashion is a choice. You have complete control over what you wear, so you should choose wisely.

But…as you will see in just a minute, a lot of people don’t pay attention to that rule, or maybe they just don’t care.

Are you ready to see some major FASHION FAILS?

You’ve been warned…let’s begin…

1. I don’t see a zipper.

Totally insconspicuous
byu/ubaldejason inCrappyDesign

2. Perfect placement.

byu/Patpatnotstar inblursedimages

3. Nice and classy.

Imagine having to wear this for your job
byu/sovietmetalhead inCrappyDesign

4. Kind of disturbing.

Someone Thought This Was A Good Dog Graphic
byu/Big_Jamal_AMA inpics

5. A very odd choice.

6. Takes some balls to wear that outside.

Today in NYC… Yes, that’s the actual baby’s face.
byu/sarayewo infunny

7. Don’t do that again.

We decided grandma shouldnt wear her Bahamas tshirt with a sweater.
byu/rtowne infunny

8. Mixed messages.

I’m not sure I understand
byu/nifflermoon inCrappyDesign

9. Had an accident?

Crappy skirt
byu/djcubedmofo inCrappyDesign

10. Is anyone actually gonna wear this?

Fashion is evolving.
byu/girolski07 inCrappyDesign

11. Did you get that at Spencer’s Gifts?

Wallet chain ankle crocs – thank you small town malls
byu/ghosted_ inATBGE

12. Not the same…

Someone needs to work on differentiating their O’s and A’s
byu/slicehix inCrappyDesign

13. Classic eyeball shoes.

Why the duck….
byu/Jameel88 inATBGE

14. The second pic in this set is even better…

Yowza…those fashion choices are not…great.

How about you?

Have you seen any really bad clothing designs lately that made you cringe?

If so, please share a photo with us in the comments!