13 Hilarious and Accurate Tweets About Dogs

(C)Unsplash,Richard Brutyo


When I’m in a bad mood, my mind immediately drifts to one very specific thing.


Those lovable mutts just have the power to put me in a good mood in an instant.

Here are some funny and accurate tweets that all dog lovers will be able to relate to.


1. Not for you.

2. No matter the size…

3. Your offspring.

4. We all do this at one point or another.

5. An important role.

6. I feel this tweet deep in my soul.

7. Puppy talk.

8. You work for me now.

9. Pissing off the parents.

10. Isn’t that interesting?

11. I completely understand.

12. Pssshhh, look at that…

13. We’re done…about that dog, though…

As the saying goes, we really don’t deserve dogs…

How about you? Are you a dog lover?

Show us a pic of your pooch in the comments and tell us a little bit about them.

Please and thank you!