No doubt about it: a lot of people are hurting right now. A worldwide health crisis has pretty much decimated the American economy and millions of people have been out of work since March.

It’s pretty awful, but we need to have a laugh once in a while to relieve the stress, right?

Darn right!

These funny tweets are all about the funny (and kind of depressing) reality of being unemployed during this crazy time in our country’s history.

Let’s take a look! And give yourself a break if you’re unemployed right now, you’ll get through it and you’ll find something even better than your last job!

1. I’m REALLY unemployed.

Just so you know…

2. You’re all alone…

And getting very lonely.

3. I did not know that!

I’m glad I do now, though!

4. Are you sure about that?

Seems like you might be lying about this…

5. Isn’t this great?!?!

Having a blast…or at least trying to.

6. That was pretty quick.

Kids, use this as a cautionary tale.

7. That is very true.

You’re still here?!?!

8. Not the same…

Not the same at all…

9. Darnit, it’s Monday again!

A case of the Mondays…even though you’re not at work.

10. Get a head start.

I’m just getting prepared…

11. Time well spent!

You’re doing a great job!

12. This person is doing it the right way.

Pay attention, kids.

13. Just like George Costanza…

It could be worse…maybe…

Now we want to hear from you!

In the comments, tell us how you’re holding up and how the job hunt is going.

We hope all of you are doing well and staying safe and healthy out there!

And best of luck finding a new (and better) job very soon.