Once every several years, a fashion trend comes along that changes the world.

This is probably NOT that fashion trend.

But it sure is hilarious to look at! And it’s fun to check out the people who actually decide to wear it out in public!

Way to go, fellas! You have some guts that a lot of us definitely don’t.

And, hey, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe this trend will catch on, set the world on fire, and we’ll see boys and men of all ages wearing the Brokini not only at the beach, but also at the grocery store, at work…and maybe even at church?

You never know!

1. You’re scaring the neighbors!

Get back inside!


2. She found the man of her dreams.

Ladies, are you jealous?


3. These guys are having a blast.

Can you blame them?


4. Wow. Just WOW.

He seems very confident in his choice.


5. Perfect outfit for doing work around the house.

Don’t you agree?


6. You are looking SHARP, buddy.

Just bask in his glory.


7. Time to get out the tape measurer.

I hope you receive good news.


8. Brokinis only!

No more regular swim suits. EVER.


9. The King and his Queen.

I have to say, I’m impressed.


10. Care to take a stroll on the beach?

How can you resist?


11. Go deep!

What a legend.


12. Flying high again!

Take this baby up into the clouds.


What do you think of the Brokini? Are you gonna give it a shot? Or maybe buy it for a friend or a family member?

Talk to us in the comments! We’d love to hear from you!

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