Twitter can be a real cesspool of negativity sometimes, but once in a while it really gives us a great thread full of great information.

And this thread is a great example!

This tweet got the ball rolling.

And then the responses poured in. Here are 13 of the best.

1. They are cute, though.

2. Think about that one…

3. Just for you.

4. I’m not trying to kill you.

5. Elvis will never die!

6. Wooly males.

7. Just in case.

8. Times have changed.

9. Who will be the winner?

10. That is mindblowing.

11. Mystery flavors.

12. Isn’t that something?

13. This changes my entire childhood!

Those are great! I feel like I learned something today!

Okay, now it’s your turn, our dear readers. What is the most random, most interesting fact that you know?

Let us know in the comments. Please and thank you!