There’s almost nothing on this planet that makes me happier than seeing a newly-adopted animal that is obviously bursting with joy.

You can tell by their faces that they are relieved and happy to be in a loving home and it’s about as pure as pure gets.

Let’s meet these newly-adopted pets!

1. Already in love.

My friend got her old cat a kitten! They really love each other from aww

2. Oh, I’m sure she’ll be just fine.

This Cat. Perdita. Called "the world’s worst" and "just a jerk" was finally adopted from an animal rescue in Spruce Pine, N.C. "Not for the faint of heart," and doesn’t like hugs, she is not good with kittens, children or dogs, either. She could be so troublesome the shelter agreed to waive the fee from aww

3. A senior dog.

My dad (who’s not a dog person) recently adopted a senior dog while his wife was looking at puppies. "I just couldn’t stand to imagine him alone at that age," he said. Meet his new goodest boi "Rock!" from aww

4. Meet your little sister.

My cat had anxiety issues, so we adopted a little sister for him. from aww

5. Yours forever.

This girl was rescued and we have been fostering her for about 5 months. With a big adoption event for our rescue coming up we decided we couldn’t let her go to someone else and decided to make her our Furever Valentine. She has her quirks but has been an overall great girl for us. from aww

6. Make yourself at home.

Adopted this little guy from a shelter. He ate a ton of food and made himself right at home; I think he likes it here. from aww

7. Hello, Ruby!

Have grown up with cats for the majority of my 31 years on this Earth, but this is the first one I get to call my own. Meet Ruby. from cats

8. A little angel.

Today i adopted Gracie. from aww

9. They make life better.

Life has been a little better with my new gal. from cats

10. He is very handsome.

Went to the pound just to see look. An hour later we left with this handsome gentleman. Meet Murphy from aww

11. All up in the camera.

Say ‘Hi’ to our adopted cutie Billie from aww

12. How adorable.

I’m her eyes and she is my heart . from cats

13. She’s getting adjusted.

Adopted her today! Finally peeking out of the couch. from aww

14. Your new best friend!

Adopted this girl from the Humane Socity from aww

Those photos make my heart sing!

Do you have an adopted pet that you are totally in love with?

Well, don’t be shy! Share some pics in the comments and introduce us to them!