With most things in life, there are moments that pass by after which it feels too late to go back – whether to clarify, ask questions, ask a favor, etc. When that moment involves something you think you should know (or that other people think you should know), asking for answers later can be way too mortifying to consider.

You know what I mean? These people do:

#15. Bunny ears ftw.

“The “loop, swoop and pull” method of tying shoes. Been using bunny years since I can remember and even tried learning the other way once. At this point I don’t even care.”

#14. Hot or cold?

“Do I actually have to do separate loads of laundry for hot and cold wash, or can I just keep washing everything on cold?

Edit: wow this blew up. Thank you everyone for your replies! I now know more about laundry than I ever thought I would!”

#13. Hot farts.

“Why do ‘hot’ farts stink so much more than the cool ones? Is the temperature of the fart higher, making it feel hot? Or is it something having to do with the blood vessels in your ass? And why would hot ones stink so badly?”

#12. Sexting

“How to dirty text. I can’t tell where the appropriate line is between ‘hot naughty things’ and ‘thats disgusting’.”

#11. Swimming.

“How to swim…”

#10. You’re not alone, my friend.

“After all these years still cant understand how Bitcoin works for the life of me.”

#9. George Costanza?

“Numerous aspects of my job.”

#8. The awkward feeling.

“So, eh, how do i make friends if i’m not in school anymore? Do i just barge into an existing group (say .. in a local whatever-sports-club) and ignore the awkward feeling of being an intruder long enough that i somehow belong too?”

#7. For three years.

“I have a double light switch on the kitchen wall by my garage and dining room entrances. I still flip both of them to figure out which controls what lights. I’ve lived there for 3 years.”

#6. How can you stay?

“What its like to be in a serious relationship with someone who you don’t see a future with. Guys either didn’t make it past a casual relationship with me, or they (he) were extremely serious and we’d plan our life together.

How can you stay with someone that you don’t want to spend the rest of your life with?”

#5. Every Monday.

“Every Monday morning for the last 6 months a guy I work with walks up to me and says, “Monday”, with the tone you would use to say, “Morning”, as a greeting. I think it’s a movie quote, because he always laughs like it’s a joke. I’ve smiled and laughed along this entire time and now it’s too late to ask him what he’s referencing. I do my best to hide from him every Monday now.

I’d love any insight.”

#4. Which term would be acceptable?

“I’m interning with a judge, let’s call him Bob Roberts. I got the position through his son, and have been doing this for two months. The catch: in the last two months I have never called him by his name. I don’t understand which term would be acceptable. Bob, because he’s my friend’s dad? Mr. Roberts, because he’s an adult and I’m a teenager? Judge Roberts, because he’s a judge?

I compromised with myself by never saying his name, which is also kinda awkward. And because I was afraid to clarify at the start, I’ve been stuck in this quagmire for the whole summer. Help.”

#3. On paper.

“I just got an A in calculus 3 and I don’t know how to long divide on paper.”

#2. The math gods.

“Physics. I passed physics 101 by the skin of my teeth. Literally by 2 points.

I still don’t understand how I managed to pass that class. I assume the math gods finally took pity on me.”

#1. Dude, it’s too late.

“World of Warcraft. I missed the popular days, and everybody just tell me “Dude, it’s too late..”