Hey, how are you doing these days?

I mean, with all this lockdown and quarantine, you must be growing closer than ever to your beloved spouse, right?

I’m guessing it’s been all fun and games and you just light up every time you see them walk into the kitchen or the family room…for the twentieth time that day…

Well, all that might not exactly be the truth, but all we can hope for is that husbands and wives aren’t ready to file divorce papers yet…but at least you can enjoy these memes!

So go ahead and treat yourself to some laughs…before your spouse walks back into the room again…

1. That is incredibly romantic.

Who said romance is dead?

2. This is the world we live in now.

Isn’t it awesome???

3. He doesn’t care about the mailman anymore.

Here it comes, boy!

4. It’s a 3-hour seminar.

But is it getting through to you? That’s the question…

5. A nice little getaway.

Ahhhhh, it feels like we’re really on vacation!

6. She’s in charge of the radio.

You might as well just accept it.

7. Nice and relaxing films always do the trick.

Oh, there he is with the axe!

8. What the hell’s going on here?

Something seems very fishy…

9. I guess it depends on what you’re watching…

Mr. Belvedere? Not super sexy.

10. Just taste it, already!

You just have to go with it. Always.

11. Uh oh…he’s in trouble.

Ten years isn’t a bad response time, though.

12. Sure I’m listening!

What did you say, again?

13. That is HOT.

Keeping that steamy romance alive!

Now we’d like to hear from all the readers out there!

In the comments, fill us in on the funniest and most ridiculous things your spouse has done recently.

Please and thank you!