Girl Scout cookies are the best!

If you’re anything like me, you get incredibly excited when you see those kiddos set up a table outside the grocery store exit because you know you’re about to drop at least fifty bucks on all the amazing cookies they have to offer.

It’s an American tradition, okay?

Here are some hilarious and accurate tweets about our love affair with Girl Scout cookies.

1. Not a bad life plan.

2. I was thinking two…

3. You had to do it.

4. Only 50?

5. Very true…

6. Doing your part.

7. Don’t even bother getting dressed.

8. You’re in big trouble.

9. They cure EVERYTHING.

10. The kid is an entrepreneur.

11. Speaking the TRUTH.

12. True love.

13. Uh oh…overdid it.

Okay, now I’m starving and I need my fix of Thin Mints right this instant!

Are you as obsessed with Girl Scout cookies as we are?

Talk to us in the comments and tell us your favorite ones!