I don’t know about you, but I dread job interviews. Absolutely despise them.

Even if I’m totally qualified for a position, I just don’t do well in interviews…chalk it up to nerves, I guess…

If you’ve been through the gauntlet of various job interviews, you know how ridiculous and stressful they can be.

Here are some funny tweets about going through this awful process…

1. You’re hired!

2. That might not work…

3. Does that count?

4. Not here for that.

5. All over the place.

6. I prefer to call it an abyss.

7. Wanna see?

8. Diplomatic lying.

9. Did I pass the test?

10. A one-track mind.

11. Very impressive…

12. Can’t let this candidate get away!

Those are hilarious…but they also brought back some bad memories…

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