Yes, I think it’s ridiculous when people go so far as to leave money in their wills to their dogs and cats…that’s taking it a little bit too far.

No, I don’t think it’s ridiculous to pamper the hell out of your pets and treat them like family members, because they are.

If you have a furry best friend, you probably spend WAY too much money on them…which is totally fine by us.

Enjoy these tweets!

1. Totally selfless.

2. I think he likes them.

3. Lookin’ sharp!

4. I’ll be here every day.

5. Camping out for this event.

6. Let’s cut her a break.

7. Someday…hopefully…

8. Working for the right reasons.

9. There’s gotta be a word for that.

10. This is all for you!

11. No regrets.

12. You made the right call.

13. Priorities, priorities.

I told you those tweets would look familiar…

How about you? Do you spoil your pets?

In the comments, tell us the most outrageous thing you’ve ever bought for them!

Let’s see what ya got!