Do you need a little humor break right about now?

I know I do!

Well, you’re in luck, because that’s exactly what we like to do here on this site. Hey, we do what we do and we let you just sit back and enjoy the ride…what else do you really need?

There’s a lot of bad news floating around in the world right now and I’m trying to take every single opportunity I can to let loose and enjoy myself. And I think we all know those moments have been pretty few and far between lately.

So take a few moments to yourself and LAUGH, will ya? You deserve it!

1. That sounds delicious!

A great late-night snack.

2. This man needs to be FREE.

This is a travesty of justice.

3. This is probably true.

You can’t win, can you?

4. The history of WWII submarines.

He’s gonna love it!

5. You’re sticking to your diet.

And that’s the most important thing.

6. How is it this early?

I thought it was bedtime…

7. Show him who’s boss.

This should go over well.

8. He was a legend.

And he will be missed.

9. I think they worship you.

Definitely more than Jesus, at least.

10. This is a pretty good idea, actually.

But beware that it might backfire sometimes.

11. This is TRUTH.

Ladies, can you back this up?

12. I’ll forget it in two minutes.

So don’t even worry about it.

13. He’s gonna love that!

What a nice surprise!

Have you seen anything really funny on social media lately?

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