I guess it’s better than actually sitting around a table with co-workers, but video conferences aren’t much better.

And that’s where most of us are at right now because we’re stuck at home…so we better get used to it.

Here are some pretty funny tweets about the reality of what happens during video conferences.


1. Sorry. It’s permanent.

2. That is amazing.

3. You’re living a lie.

4. That’s rough…

5. Not funny at all.

6. They can hear you…

7. Mrs. Potato Head.

8. That’s a major fail.

9. It’s a lot more fun!

10. Head on a plate.

11. He sounds cool to me!

12. Now they think you’re crazy.

13. I see Stanley back there!

Hey o! Those are pretty hilarious…and definitely timely…

What about you?

How are your Zoom meetings and video conferences going?

Let us know in the comments!