Yes, we realize that the current situation we all find ourselves is sad, tragic, and infuriating because it has been mismanaged on an epic scale.

But if you can’t laugh once in a while at the chaos in the world, you’re gonna lose your mind!

At least that’s the way we feel about it…

Our sense of humor is the only thing really keeping us from ripping our hair out right now and we figure the least we can do is to make you laugh a little bit and bring a smile to your face.

So let’s enjoy some funny memes to take the edge off, shall we?

Start now!

1. Don’t let your guard down!

And, let’s hope there are no more waves after this one.

Photo Credit: The Chive

2. It really is a beautiful piece of clothing.

And it costs a fortune.

Photo Credit: The Chive

3. Hmmmmm. Okay…

The sad thing is that some people are actually probably saying this.

Photo Credit: The Chive

4. Isn’t this fun!

And by the way, you need all of this stuff.

Photo Credit: The Chive

5. This is your new motto.

Learn it. Live it.

Photo Credit: The Chive

6. I need one of these ASAP.

It’s not like we can go anywhere…

Photo Credit: The Chive

7. We can learn a lot from them.


Photo Credit: The Chive

8. It might become the most popular sport in the land.

You never know…

Photo Credit: The Chive

9. That can be arranged…

Talk to people who had young kids a few decades ago…

Photo Credit: The Chive

10. The ship is sinking!

But let’s talk about mindfulness.

Photo Credit: The Chive

11. It just ended it all.

Hang in there!

12. This guy is a legend.

Wear your mask!

Photo Credit: The Chive

13. Enough with the conspiracy theories.

Makes my blood boil.

Photo Credit: The Chive

We hope you enjoyed those memes and that they gave you some temporary relief in this difficult time.

Now we want to hear from you!

In the comments, share some more funny stuff you’ve seen online lately so we can keep on laughing.

Please and thank you!