If you’re looking for some inspiration about how to keep yourself busy during this lengthy lockdown, look no further than a woman named Aylia Caulwell.

Caulwell and her husband Dan have spent a good deal of their quarantine time recreating memorable scenes from movies and TV shows and I think you’ll agree with us that these interpretations are totally spot-on!

In other words, these two did a great job!

Let’s take a look at some of their handiwork.

We think you’ll be impressed!

1. Scully and Mulder.

They’re here to solve some mysteries.

2. She nailed the Patrick Stewart look.

Space…the final frontier…

3. Definitely an iconic movie.

This one is really good.

4. Black Swan.

Now, that is a creepy movie.

5. I’ll be back.

I need to revisit this one soon.

6. The ship’s going down.

But my love will go on!

7. Breaking Bad.

All kinds of shady stuff going on here.

8. Save me, Spider-Man!

He won’t let you down!

9. This is very cool.

And it should please all the Star Wars fans out there.

10. A Star is Born.

I can already hear the singing.

11. A very important TV show.

Do you remember getting Lost?

12. Be sure to get the ring!

You can’t lose that thing.

13. Excellent! Totally excellent!

I can’t wait for the new Bill & Ted movie!

Aren’t those photos awesome?

I think they nailed it!

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What other movies and TV shows would you like to see these two recreate?

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