I kind of feel sorry for kids getting out of school these days. I graduated from college a while ago and the economy was doing pretty well and jobs were plentiful.

But today?

There’s a ton of uncertainty and it’s really tough out there!

Here are some painful yet funny tweets that sum up life these days after getting out of school.

1. Welcome to Moe’s!


2. Didn’t take too big of a leap.

3. Sounds like a blast.

4. Isn’t that your everyday life?

5. Here it comes.

6. You have three choices.

7. A whole new ballgame.


8. That’s a great plan.

9. You were WRONG.


10. A lot of crying going on…


11. Packing on the pounds.

12. Ain’t that the truth?

13. Didn’t quite work out how you thought it would…

As the saying goes: “Adulting is hard.”

We want to hear from you! Have you graduated from school in the last couple of years? How did it go for you once you got out into “the real world”?

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