Some people really need to reevaluate their way of doing things. For example, who on earth would want to drink beef broth on ice? Or want to drink the water from a puddle (unless you were dying of thirst in a desert)? These 13 photos may just leave you wondering for some people’s sanity.

1. I’d rather be thirsty…

Photo Credit: Kanal5

2. Was this before you drank or after?

Photo Credit: Difundir

3. Seems a bit unnecessary?

Photo Credit: Stanis

4. Who needs fresh breath.

Photo Credit: Rolloid

5. Someone upstairs loves you

Photo Credit: Hubchi

6. Bye

Photo Credit: Viral46

7. Stairwell to hell

Photo Credit: Pinterest

8. Glutton for punishment

Photo Credit: Kaifolog

9. You lucky son of a gun, you

Photo Credit: Static

10. Instant wall decor

Photo Credit: Dezinfo

11. This has to be a joke

Photo Credit: Wittyfeed

12. That’s gonna be a large taxidermy bill

Photo Credit: Pinterest

13. This one is just a fat nope

Photo Credit: Tumblr

h/t: Wittyfeed

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