Boy, do I love finding out about online groups that are full of interesting photos and facts!

And today we’re all in for a big treat because the WTF Reddit group is always full of great, interesting, and yes, WEIRD photos that will definitely make you look twice.

Are you ready to get your mind blown today? Let’s get started right this instant!

1. I wonder what happened down there…

Poor fella never had a chance.

I’m a contractor. Bought an abandoned/foreclosed home to renovate. This was in the basement bathroom. What. The. Fuck.
byu/spwhalenjr13 inWTF

2. I wonder what this is all about…

You don’t happen upon that every day…

I was driving through the back roads of Pennsylvania on the way to a camping spot and found a mountain of ceramic dishes and tea cups in the middle of the woods!?….
byu/Awesome_Clips inWTF

3. The land Down Under.

They get a lot of crazy natural disasters down there.

No filters. Australia is red from wildfires.
by inWTF

4. She should probably leave. Now.

Get outta there while you still can!

My girlfriend sent me this from her doctors appointment.
byu/antiquebanana inWTF

5. Don’t mess with this lady.

She’s prepared for whatever you throw at her.

You’re not taking this grandma’s purse.
byu/Tankspanker inWTF

6. That is very odd…

Kids, let’s go to a different park today.

In Algeria we have these weird things in public parks and children’s playgrounds
by inWTF

7. How’d you get there?

Strange things are happening…

Oh, let me just park my FUCKING SQUID
by inWTF

8. That sounds like it would be very painful.

How did that happen?

[deleted by user]
by inWTF

9. That sure is eerie.

You don’t want to stumble on this in the woods.

What, exactly, was the sequence of events that led to this?
byu/6ThreeSided9 inWTF

10. How did you get in there.

You need to set him free.

So this lizard moved into my microwave clock. I guess it’s his now?
byu/blakwngbrd inWTF

11. No way, no how.

You’d never catch me out there.

Camping in Florida looks fun
byu/Naptownfellow inWTF

12. Those are not crickets.

What country is this?!?!

Got a complaint at work about “very loud crickets” in the bathroom…
byu/cedarvan inWTF

13. The children have been acting very strange lately…

Don’t mess with them!

I really have no idea what happened
byu/guvertoon inWTF

Whoa, doggy!

Those pics were pretty wild!

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