Do you remember that hit song by C&C Music Factory from the early 1990s called “Things That Make You Go Hmmmm?”

This article is kind of like that but instead of saying “Hmmmm”, you’re going to say “WTF”?

And that’s a good thing! Because the pics you’re about to lay your eyes on are weird, wild, wacky, and definitely interesting.

So hang on tight and let’s explore some great photos. Enjoy!

1. You should probably stay inside for a while.

Do not feed the bears.

Cabin in Alaska for rent, lovely view.
byu/5_Frog_Margin inWTF

2. Honestly, this is pretty scary.

Keep that thing away from me!

My Venus Flytrap uses all its energy to make 200 mouths instead of growing big.
byu/penboiyi inWTF

3. Ahhhhh! What the hell!

That must have scared a lot of people.

Guy found a glass eye embedded in the rock at a beach
byu/JinxXedOmens inWTF

4. Straight out of a horror movie.

Looks like Hell on Earth.

This cemetery fire from yesterday looks like a horror movie’s climax
byu/edrini inWTF

5. Wow! That is nuts!

A portal to another world.

Sinkhole opened in Cornish backyard, leading 300ft down into a medieval mineshaft
byu/TwoSquareClocks inWTF

6. How cool! And unique!

I don’t think you’d see something like this today.

Fiat had a test track on their factory rooftop in 1929
byu/cooldrummer1208 inWTF

7. How’d that end up there?

I don’t think that’s a mannequin…

Found this clown mannequin half a mile deep into a drainage pipe tied like this to a grate.
byu/SoDakZak inWTF

8. Look at this relic.

It’s thousands of years old…

by inWTF


This has to be Florida. It’s Florida, right?

byu/adewasal inWTF

10. The hidden monk.

That is wild. I love history!

CT Scan of 1,000-year-old Buddha sculpture reveals mummified monk hidden inside
byu/vienna95 inWTF

11. That’s quite a story.

And you should have had that looked at earlier.

A rather “rural” patient came in with new-onset seizures. CT reveals small metal pellets in head. Patient states his wife accidentally shot him several years ago while trying to get a raccoon off their property.
byu/coco-ono inWTF

12. That was a close call.

Saved by the whale statue.

Train after failing to brake finds itself on top of a giant whale statue!
byu/Andrew_64_MC inWTF

13. It’s the end of the world as we know it.

Run for cover!

Rome yesterday
by inWTF

14. Good thing it didn’t explode.

The ocean is full of mysteries.

Raising anchor of your oil tanker only to realize you’ve hooked an unexploded torpedo
byu/Business-Socks inWTF

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